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The proliferation of automated trading systems has led to the growing use and popularity of Application Programming Interfaces (also known as APIs).

API is basically a sequence of a well-defined mode of establishing a chain of communication between heterogeneous software components, and it allows traders the facility of connecting their screening software to their broking/trading accounts. Several retail brokers worldwide are now actively providing API’s to their clients.

FIX API: FIX API is an API, based on the FIX protocol, which allows users to communicate directly with our server through FIX messages.

The Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol was developed to enable better and improved connectivity among the different market participants. It is an internationally recognized standard for electronic trading used by stock exchanges, banks, mutual funds, money managers and investment funds.

Abans Global offers a FIX API connection to its clients. By using the FIX protocol, you can customize your trading experience to suit your specific trading strategy. Thus, you can get bespoke trading solutions to provide you with a genuinely delightful trading experience

With the AGL FIX API, you can connect your trading platform to our server, and place trades and orders directly in the market.

Our FIX API is an ideal solution for professional traders, looking to take advantage of our deep liquidity pools, while having ultra-low latency and high-speed connectivity. This application allows traders to send orders for execution directly to our pricing engine, on forex, indices, energies, metals and soft commodities.

Our API provides a way to exchange trade information in the FIX protocol in the shortest possible time. Simply plug the API into your trading platform to receive price data, submit trades, send and modify orders, and receive confirmations.

Advantages of FIX API

FIX API offers several benefits in comparison to competing programs as follows


  • Eliminates the need for dependence on third-party programs
  • Allows access to high-speed connections directly with the trading servers
  • Minimal latency in trade execution
  • Does away with the disadvantages associated with other competing programs having relatively limited functionalities

Who can use it?

  • All market entities such as Corporations, Brokers, Hedge Funds and Money Managers, who require spontaneous, prompt and virtual real-time trading capabilities
  • Brokers hedging the exchange rate exposure of their equity positions
  • Professional & Institutional customers developing proprietary trading models
  • Companies integrating trading into their treasury systems
  • Arbitrageurs developing algorithmic strategies models
  • Private traders with custom platforms looking for optimal connectivity


The Minimum Deposit for the FIX/API account is 100,000 USD. Partial withdrawals reducing the account balance below 100,000 USD are not allowed.

A Monthly 500USD fee is levied for FIX API Connector, if the trading volumes are less than 200m.

For monthly trading volumes higher than 200m, fees will be waived off.

Interested in knowing more about the FIX API?

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