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MT5 Technology

MetaTrader is an avant-garde or pioneering electronic trading platform, for trading Forex, Exchange instruments and Futures. This new-age platform is a virtual traders’ delight owing to its superior in-built features incorporating the latest cutting-edge technologies.

With unique services such as 21 timeframes, 6 types of pending orders, and an integrated fundamental economic calendar, MetaTrader packs a power-punch for traders looking at seamless execution of their trades. With MetaTrader, you can do sophisticated Fundamental & Technical Analysis with relative ease and convenience.

The platform extensively adopts the use of trading robots and trading signals. Traders can easily access this platform on any device.

Key Benefits

Trading simplified with the power of Abans Global MetaTrader 5

Superior performance and faster working speed

Support Exchange Trading

Allows Hedging & Netting

Exemplary working performance, leading to seamless execution of trades

3 chart-types, 21 timeframes, over 70 analytical tools, 5 order types

38 Technical Indicators, 44 Analytical Objects, 4 execution modes for trading

Exhaustive advanced and sophisticated built-in reports for all trading activities

Supports Algorithmic Trading

Embedded MQL5 Community Chats

Order Fill Policy (Fill or Kill Immediate or Cancel Return)

Facilitates easy fund transfer between accounts

Historic data centre with an advance strategic tester

MT5 /MT4 Comparison

The Meta Trader 5 trading platform is a significant improvisation over its predecessor, the Meta Trader 4, in terms of the sheer depth of additional value-added functionalities offered plus the incremental benefits in numbers provided as regards quantitative parameters.

A few pointers as to how the MT5 scores over the MT4 are as follows

Additional features such as

  • Market Depth
  • E-Mail System (with attachment)
  • Partial Order Filling Policies
  • Multi-thread Strategy Tester
  • Partial Order Filling Policies
  • Both Netting & Hedging
  • Time & Sales (Exchange Data)
  • Economic Calendar
  • MQL5 Community Chat
  • Fund Transfer between accounts

A higher number of options regarding

  • Time Frames
  • Graphical Objects
  • Pending Order Types
  • Technical Indicators

MetaTrader 5

Desktop Trading

MetaTrader 5 platform offers a whole host of benefits to traders as follows

  • Robust support for various types of trading orders and execution modes
  • Advanced Market Depth feature (with a Tick Chart and Time & Sales information)
  • Separate accounting of orders and trades
  • Facilitates both Netting and Hedging modes
  • Once-Click trading function
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit options

With the MetaTrader 5 platform, there is no longer any need to be perturbed by the turbulence and volatility in the market. Navigate seamlessly through both market upturns and downturns.

It is every trader’s dream to correctly predict the future market movements so that there is maximization of profits and mitigation of the impact of losses. Meta Trader 5 is the right platform to help you possibly realize this dream through an unique blend of value-added features such as diverse time-frames, multi-charts facility, comprehensive technical indicators and tools for fundamental analysis.

To sum up, MetaTrader 5 is your perfect ally amidst all the noise, turbulence and volatility in the market.

MetaTrader 5

Web Trading

Trade on financial markets from any browser

With the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, you can now trade on the Forex, Exchange and Futures markets from any browser (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and Operating System (Microsoft Windows, macOS, LINUX, etc.)The basic requirements are just a simple but relatively fast and uninterrupted Internet connection, and you are well poised to trade seamlessly and in a hassle-free manner.

This platform is highly versatile by nature, allowing you to easily view the complete history of your trades, place all your pending orders and do a detailed market analysis. Also, rest assured that all your information and data is entirely safe and secure, owing to multiple levels of authentication and encryption.

MetaTrader 5

Mobile Trading

Trade anywhere in the world from your smartphone or tablet

The mobile version of Meta Trader 5 is also extremely user-friendly. Everything that you need to execute your trades successfully is present - from the One-Click trading option to sending pending orders to performing sophisticated technical analysis. Get all the features necessary for a hassle-free and superlative trading experience under one roof.

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