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Costs can be reduced, efficiency is increased, and clients can be confident that our trade advice aligns with their best interests.

1. Pricing Model: Single Bank Liquidity

Clients trading with a bank have access to only one price source based on that bank’s currency position, not the whole market. This leaves a client open to receiving a skewed rate. In these instances, only the bank’s current trading interests are satisfied and not necessarily the client’s needs.

2. Pricing Model: Non-Bank, Single Bank Liquidity

This type of limitation also applies to clients who trade with a Non-Bank that relies on a single bank for price provision.

3. Pricing Model: Abans global Markets Liquidity Pool

abans global Markets has considered this. Through multiple Tier-1 Bank and Non-Bank relationships, we have access to a deep pool of liquidity. This gives us:

  • The ability to compare market prices and provide our clients with a better rate of exchange.
  • Precision accessing the more illiquid emerging and frontier markets.
  • Increased efficiency in executing mid to large-size transactions.
  • The option to allow clients’ trades to remain anonymous and protect their interests in the market.